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by Mo Houston

Meet: Jasenka Cukrov

Diving inside the mind of Style Rail's hottest talent, Jasenka Cukrov of Revolt Designs

Meet: Jasenka Cukrov

 Meet: Jasenka Cukrov


Croatian born and bred artist and intellectual, Jasenka Cukrov breaks the fashion mould with her conceptual, creative designs born from odes of Ujević and the scores of modern jazz. Mindful and poetic in its manufacture, hand crafted bags and accessories from her successful boutique, Revolt Design rediscover fashionable silhouettes with a fresh perspective. We catch up with the beautiful dancer, artist and designer in her Gothic pied-à-terre in Zagreb to find out more...


1. Where did the Revolt story start?


It all started at the sewing machine, learning to sew and tailor inspired this bridge between art and design that has been a driving force for my creativity since I was little. Revolt is a very personal story that doesn’t strive to be affirmed by the fashion world, but strives to translate art and philosophy into something material and functional. There's no better word to describe my rebellious and free spirit than Revolt...


2. Artist and intellectual, what drew you to handbag design?

Art in all its forms is a big part of my life. I graduated with a degree in philosophy and theology, so you could say, I find beauty in the most unusual places. As well as a designer and artist I'm also a passionate dancer and composer, putting pen to paper for my scores also inspires some of my best designs.



3. Your designs centre on texture, how do you choose your fabrics?

I choose my fabrics very carefully...I have to touch/feel fabric before I start working with it. Fabric is the main element, so at times it has to be firm, and sometimes it has to be more loose. Also I love printed fabrics because they just give a handbag that edgy look I want.

4. Take us through your creative you hand-make your bags?

Yes, everything from Revolt design is handmade. It starts with pen to paper, then I tailor and construct a bag (which is probably the hardest part). Then I create a prototype to sew, fixing any flaws in design and then I sew the final product.


  5. What makes your brand stand out?

For better or for worse I think my brand is quite different. I have never worked inside of any fashion industry nor do I have any connection to it. I think that liberates me to do what I want to do and to tell my story how I want to tell it, and not how I am supposed to. The fact that I am not influenced by any designer keeps me focused on my ideas.


6. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Most of my inspiration comes from dancing, music and books. Everything that I design is somehow entwined by one of these things or from all of them. For example, my Alien backpacks were designed because of my need for a practical, but yet fashionable bag that I could wear to my dance classes. On the other hand, the shape was inspired by the cosmos, after reading a fantastic book.


7. As a Croatian designer, how do you think your rich culture affects your design perspective?

 People in Croatia are very vain when it comes to fashion, we just love to dress nicely and show off. We are also a very hedonistic society: we love food, drinking, fashion, music... I think this inevitably affected me. Maybe because we are so hedonistic and women always dress a certain way, that made me want to do something different, something that's not so mainstream, but again very modern.


8. If forced to only pick one  item from your collection, what would it be? 

Well...probably my Alien backpacks or my plexiglass cuff bracelets.  




9. Can you describe your design  aesthetic in four words? 

Modern, Complex, Funky and Innovative  


10. What are your plans for the future of your brand? 

There is a lot going on at the moment at the Revolt Design creative studio. There is a new collection of handbags coming out, new cuff bracelets and a very funky and innovative product design for your home. Watch this space...


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