September, 19
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Looking for White Sand and Clear Water? Head to Siesta Key!

If you are looking for a beach in the US that looks like a postcard, look no further than Siesta Key Beach, Florida. Singles, couples, and families will all love Siesta Key. Why? This beautiful beach is a popular tourist destination for many reasons. It is the most beautiful beach in the United States, it is a fun town with an island vibe, and it offers a variety of lodging options.

Looking for White Sand and Clear Water? Head to Siesta Key!

Siesta Key Beach is so well-loved that many people travel there and never leave. Still not convinced? Let’s look at the many reasons a trip to Siesta Key is a must for everyone. Forget your travel blogs and follow the below list:

American’s #1 Beach

I am not making false claims here – Siesta Beach really has been rated America’s #1 Beach several times by several different organizations. Most recently, it was rated it the #1 Beach in America for 2017 by Dr. Beach.

When you imagine what a beach should look like – Siesta Beach is it. If you have ever visited a beach in the US hoping for white sands and clear water, you have probably been disappointed. Sometimes the sand is more brown than white, and sometimes the water is murky. However, Siesta Beach is like a beach dream.

The powdery white sand and the blue water seems to go on forever. Add in the brightly colored lifeguard stands and you have a setting for the perfect picture.

Plenty of Unique Shops

Siesta Key is a barrier island off by Sarasota, Florida. This barrier island is home to a plethora of beach shops that help convey the island feel year-round. Looking for a new bathing suit or a piece of artwork? Head to Siesta Key Village.

Siesta Key Village offers everything for designer goods to cheap beach souvenirs. This is easily done by walking, riding bikes, or taking advantage of the fun island ride options (such as the local trolley). You can shop for hours finding gifts for family, friends, and yourself.

Delicious Restaurants

No matter what you are craving, you can find it in Siesta Key. Along with the one-of-a-kind shops, there are many local restaurants that serve some of the best meals you will ever eat. First things first, you must try the Lobster Pot Restaurant – a favorite with the locals and tourists.

However, there is much more than delicious seafood in Siesta Key. For instance, Siesta Key is home to The Old Salty Dog, which offers beer-battered hot dogs among other pub-style beach food. For those with a more sophisticated palate, there are many high-end restaurants with extraordinary dishes if you are willing to spend a little more.

A Variety of Lodging Options

Finally, no matter how you travel, Siesta Key has a space for you. There is an abundance of condo rentals, beach house rentals, and hotels. For those traveling by RV, you can camp beachfront at Turtle Beach Campground. Just make sure your weight distribution hitch is beach ready! You may even like it so much you never want to leave. 


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