July, 16
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If you're going to eat sugar, this may be the healthiest way to do it

Sugar is the main source of energy and it plays a vital role in the human diet.

If you're going to eat sugar, this may be the healthiest way to do it

Sometimes it feels as though we need sugar in order to function properly and make appropriate decisions. No wonder students eat chocolate while studying and before taking an exam. It allows them to concentrate and focus on their studies and exams, at least for a certain period of time...

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of sugar you put in your body. Although there might not be anything more delicious than chocolate cakes and desserts, nutritionists warn that excessive consumption of sweets or foods that contain sugar can be very dangerous.

So how can we "sweeten our days," in a way that does not endanger our health? Sugar is an element that is immediately being absorbed and used in various different processes in the human body, but if a person eats too much sugar, the pancreas begins to produce insulin to reduce sugar levels in the blood. And that is how diabetes is caused.

The aforementioned mechanism stimulates appetite and leads to sugar cravings. And that's not the only problem. When you consume too much sugar, the liver begins to produce fat and cholesterol.

Experts advise the use of alternative sweeteners such as Stevia. But still, the best sources of sugar are not chocolate and cookies, but rather fruits. You can absorb this kind of sugar without worrying about negative consequences. The natural sugar found in fruits will give you more energy and increase your productivity.

Sugar and sweets and fruits


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