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How To Save Money: 10 Tips by Money Saving Experts

We've rounded up some of the top money saving experts in this article and summed up what they recommend as money saving tips!

How To Save Money: 10 Tips by Money Saving Experts

Whether you are financially comfortable or on the edge of bankruptcy, we can all use some money saving tips to make small or big modifications to our financial lives. 

We've rounded up some of the top money saving experts in this article and summed up what they recommend as money saving tips!

1- Keep a Savings Account
"Make saving money a reality by siphoning off some of your pay-check into a savings account. That way, you're putting savings first, leaving willpower out of the equation, and if the money you're saving is something you can't easily see or access, you won't be tempted to spend it."
~ Kathleen Celmins, graphic designer and technical partner behind

2- Use Online Coupons
"Spending money online is too easy! Set a goal for yourself to never pay retail. This is how I've learned to STOP and find a coupon code before completing a transaction." ~ Sara, founder of Deal-icious Mom.

3- Ask for discounts
"Lower your monthly bills by calling the related companies to see if there are any new deals or discounts. When you shop, ask the owner or salesperson if there are any discounts or deals.  You can also contact companies of products you like. Tell them how much you enjoy the product and ask for available coupons or samples." ~  Rachel, founder of Cha Ching Queen.

4- Plan your meals around sale items
"Before you do your weekly grocery shopping check your grocer for ads and plan your meals around what is on sale. Also your freezer is your friend, make extra and freeze for a meal later in the month." ~  Colleen Shibley, founder of Shibley Smiles.

5- Save money on apparel by buying last years' model.
Popular brands like The North Face come out with "new" models of their jackets every fall, but usually not much actually changes aside from minor details like colors.
The "old" models will make their way onto discount sites like, REI Outlet, and Sierra Trading Post, anywhere between 30% to 60% off the original price, as soon as it gets close to fall.
Two years ago, I was able to get very popular North Face Metropolis Parka for $104 by buying the previous years' color from in August. It's hard to find it for anything less than $250 normally! ~  Kristin Cook, Managing Editor of Ben's Bargains.

6- Take advantage of birthday freebies
It only happens once year, but believe or not, you can save lots of money on your birthday! Every year, you'll be able to score freebies at Baskin Robbins, IHOP, Jamba Juice, Jersey Mike's, Rubio's, and Sephora without spending a penny. In most cases, you simply sign up for their newsletter and you're done. Super easy!
These birthday freebies are usually sent to you via e-mail about 2 weeks before your birthday (and sometimes can be used before or after your actual birthday), so you'll have plenty of time to use them all up. Another reason to spoil yourself on your birthday! Gohere for a full list of birthday freebies!
Roland Karim, Blogger at Coupon Pro.

7- Spend A Little Time Researching Before Buying A Product
"Many times, I feel that we are duped into buying items that don't have much added value simply because of limited availability or high demand. It always helps to cut costs when you do a little bit of research before buying something. I've often found non-branded items for one twentieth the price on eBay or Aliexpress." ~  Rana, Freelance speaker and contributing writer at Dealspotr.

8- Buy Store Brand or Generic Food
"When it comes to food, there's no need to buy brand names when generic, store brand foods are just as good (if not better). There will always be a certain type of food that you might not be able to substitute and in that case, make sure you have a coupon or buy it when it is on sale.
I have saved a lot of money doing this and we have never noticed a difference in the taste or quality of our food from substituting brand name foods for generic, but our wallet definitely noticed!" ~ Kim, founder at Shop With Me Mama.

9- Try Out Money Saving Apps
"Having trouble just getting started with saving? Apps like Digit and Acorns will analyze your spending and siphon away a few dollars here and there right into savings/investments for you. You just connect your accounts and let their algorithms do all the rest." ~ J. Money, &

10- Skip the restaurant and eat at home
This is one of those tips that pretty much everyone knows: When you eat at home instead of eating out, you’re going to save money. However, it can be easier said than done — especially when you have busy schedules. Here are some suggestions to make it easier to eat at home instead of falling back onto restaurant meals:
Calculate the savings:  Add up the money you spend on eating out and find out how much you'll save if you eat at home. This is a major motivator!
Plan ahead:  Making a meal plan will ensure you have meal ideas and ingredients ready when you need them.
Keep it simple:  Don't plan complicated meals that are too time and labor intensive. If you typically don’t have a lot of time and energy at the end of the day, don’t set yourself up for failure by choosing recipes that require a lot of effort.
Use your freezer:  Solve the 5 p.m. “What’s-For-Dinner” panic by creating make-ahead meals and freezing them. When the day flies by and dinner time sneaks up on you, you're already prepared and won't be tempted to race to the drive thru. ~ Crystal, founder atMoney Saving Mom.

Although not all of these tips might be applicable to everyone, use the ones that are relevant to you and that you believe will help you save!

Author Bio: Rana Tarakji is a freelancer speaker, writer and digital marketer.

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