September, 24
by RT

How to Globally Expand Your Local Hong Kong Business

There is only limited potential in the market of a Hong Kong business. You can dive into the pool of unlimited opportunities if you cross border to the international market. It requires more hard work, but it also brings a better return and makes your business more stable. Here I have shared how you can expand your local SME Hong Kong to a global business.

How to Globally Expand Your Local Hong Kong Business


Study Supply and Demand

Blindly jumping is not business; it is a gamble. Conduct thorough research to study the international market and audience. You should know if there is any demand for the product or service you are offering and if there is any need for supply. An already saturated market would be a lot difficult to penetrate without a unique selling point. Only through study and data will you be able to identify market gaps and pain points and come with a unique selling point. 

Understand the Struggles

A new market also means new challenges. You have to understand all foreign affairs for prior hand preparation. There will be many uncertain things to face when expanding. You should be able to foresee all possible issues even if you don’t have a solution for them. For example:

  • Will you be able to handle international queries?

  • Can you meet their requirements?

  • Will your strategy work?

  • How would you communicate with your audience and in what language?

  • Is currency fluctuation going to be a problem?

Get Your Business Online

You will have to create an online e-commerce store as your international business branch. All your products will be listed there so customers can make their orders online. Shopify makes this job a lot easier and faster compared to other channels; follow the link to learn how to sell globally with Shopify. Furthermore, create your business accounts on social media sites and stores like Amazon and Alibaba. 

Find a Foreign Distributor

If you are offering a service, you should know if it can be provided remotely. If not, you will need skilled service providers working for you in the target country. When it comes to selling a product, IT tools can be easily sent online. However, delivering a physical product won’t be that simple. You will need foreign distributors to deliver your product to the buyer that you probably manufactured or purchased in your own country. Amazon and some other platforms offer the service of international pick and drop in almost every corner of the world. 

Learn Digital Marketing

Arrange an SME export marketing fund to ensure consistent sales. To target the international market, you will need to learn digital marketing. It uses online channels like search engines, social media sites, and email marketing to attract potential customers. Though it’s a vast field that will take some time to fully learn, you should take some courses anyway. This way, you will know how to hire the right people for this job who are more experienced than you. 


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