April, 24
by RT

Happiness is a mindset

So many of us attribute happiness to success, money, appearances and other material or external things. Science, however, has proved that the opposite is true, that small and simple things can make us experience more happiness at any time.

Happiness is a mindset

It makes sense, think about it, if money, success and physical appearances are what make us happy, then how come the more we have the harder it is to be satisfied and content? How come modest people seem to be generally happier than those who have more? I truly have come to believe that happiness is simplicity. Unfortunately, most of us have been drawn into a world where simplicity is a hard thing to be content with, and it all depends on our environment, the less we socialise and know and are open to, the less we feel the need to want more and need more material things.

Research has proven that getting in touch with our simplistic instincts and performing a few simple steps everyday can make us happier overall. Continue reading below to find out what these simple steps to be happier are.

There are moments when we all feel somewhat down but we're unsure of the reasons behind it. According to many researchers, faith can help people deal with sadness and depression by allowing them to be in touch with their soul and it's needs.

It has been scientifically proven that laughter is the best medicine. That is why certain people choose to entrench themselves in comedy shows rather than take anti-depressants and / or be sad.

Similarly to laughter, smiling can trick our brain into thinking that we are happier than we actually are at a certain point in our lives, and consequently, make us experience more happiness.

Clearing our minds and meditating can truly be a positive experience because it refreshes our bodies and minds and reminds us to relax and not take things too seriously.

Being generous can awaken certain feelings and emotions within ourselves, some of them being satisfaction, kindness, content and being proud. These simple emotions make us happier.

Exercising is known to release hormones that result in more happiness and satisfaction and is, in fact, highly recommended for people dealing with sadness or depression. Find a sport that you find fun and that is beneficial at the same time.

Sometimes, the best time to relax is when you don't have time for it! Take some time to relax your mind and dis-engage from the world for a moment.

Finally, simple gestures and actions can awaken feelings of happiness, content and satisfaction.


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