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Guest Post: The Values of Catholicism

The Catholic Church is one of the oldest religions in the world. It has been around for more than a thousand years and still going strong. Over the course of history, it has accumulated and kept many traditions.

Guest Post: The Values of Catholicism

There are various values this church has upheld since its founding to the present. They include; 

The Dignity of Life

The Catholic Church is always of the belief that life is sacred and should thus should be treated in the same. For example, Catholicism has always been against such issues as abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, cloning, war and embryonic stem cell research. What others consider progress is actually the violation of human life.

Working Against Oppression

All throughout history, the Catholic Church has been against rule by tyrants who violate human life. This church believes I the scripture whereby the Lord says that one should ask and be given, seek and they shall find. This has made the church stand up for the less privileged in society. As one of the largest religions, its influence on the issue has been important.

Societal Oneness

The Catholic Church also believes that everyone should live in harmony with others. This aspect is also in line with the Bible which states that one should love their neighbor as they love themselves. It has always been the focus of this church to bring people from all walks of life together. It has done this by having a standard way of saying the mass all over the world.

Seeking the Truth in Life

The Bible states that God is the truth, the light, and the way and human beings should seek him. Through rigorous preaching and other evangelical works, the Catholic Church has ensured that people find the truth in God and their daily activities. With this approach, the Catholic Church has ensured that people stick to the teachings of the bible at all times.

Belief in Reconciliation

The Catholic Church believes in reconciling parties that have differences. In Our Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught that since God forgives humanity for its trespasses, humans have a duty to forgive too. The church encourages forgiveness at all levels including the family, work, school, and any other social circles people have. 

The Presence of God on Earth

To the Catholic Church, God is always with us. Among the celebrated symbols of the Catholic Church is the Holy sacrament which is celebrated by Catholic faithful all over the world. In many ways, Catholics celebrate the mystery of life, the physical and spiritual body, the world we live in, and having loved ones such as family and friends. Everyone agrees that having lived ones is a blessing and that is what the church celebrates each day. 

Hope in Life and Death

The Catholic Church has always believed that through Jesus Christ everyone who has faith in God will die and be resurrected to enjoy eternal life. This aspect is evident in the way Jesus died and resurrected on the third day. This belief has influenced many of the other types of beliefs with the church building its center around the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. 

All these beliefs, values and events have been documented well in many relics and religious objects that can be found at They can be found at very reasonable prices and be out to any use one desires. With the church spreading the Holy word, it will be an important fact to have one piece of the truth and the way.

Living a Passionately as a Christian

After feeling the touch of the Master, heeding His call and being pulled into His welcoming fold the realization quickly begins to dawn on you; what’s next?

I remember the very first time I asked myself this question and this huge internal conflict began! On one side, there was a love for music, a passion for dancing and having a good time. On the other hand, the kinds of music, dancing, and places I enjoyed would not reflect well on Him.

Would this life-changing decision also mean changing who I am at the core?

Do I have to change?

This kind of raging internal conflict can make being a Christian a weight and anyone carrying that load over time will become miserable and worse of all mechanical.

Being mechanical will make you miss the exciting experiences God has provided for us all. Many times, we do not or cannot share this with anyone, it eats us alive and this just adds to the weight. Am I right?

Living passionately comes from the fire of walking and working within the talents and interests you already have. Of course, living with Christ does mean an adjustment but that adjustment is always for your good.

The Bible does say God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Using Your Talents for the Benefit of Another

Passion comes from using your talent to meet and serve a need in someone else. Let’s use music as an example here; if you have an ear for good music and great beats, find the tunes out there with a wholesome message. Then share them with others within your sphere of influence and offer this service to the church. If you are talented with instruments, maybe you can begin writing songs and other pieces tailored for a Christian audience.

If your talent is in the area of money and money multiplication, you can instinctively make a dollar out of twenty-five cents, this is a talent that can be used to God’s benefit! Offer financial advice to your cash-strapped brethren and to the church if it will accept your offer.

Living passionately comes with a bit of irony; if you sit and wait for passion and inspiration without using whatever talent(s) you already have, it will not come.

Finding New Talents Equals More Passion

How many times have you discovered a new hobby and an undiscovered talent simply from trying something new such as Christian art?

Finding the right church fellowship where you are encouraged and there are like-minded people can help you do just that. Your relationship with Christ is a very personal one but the journey you have embarked on is not one to be taken alone. After all, Jesus himself had disciples.

While he was walking in his purpose and doing so passionately, he needed help. He needed help to spread the Word around the world, and he also needed companionship. It was through companionship and sharing in the great burden that close lines of communication were built. If Jesus could have left such an example, we should build on it and truly LIVE with Passion.


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