June, 11
by Mo Houston


Glitzed-drilles, dyed-drilles, wedged-drilles, man-drilles. The espadrille is Mr. Diversity, or is it Mrs?


Feet across the climates are plunged canvas deep into espadrilles. Every breed of foot can find an espadrille that suits their needs. Formal gathering? Put a wedge on it. Beachside for the weekend? Slides will do. Dinner date? Try a pair with leather colorblocking. Jetsetting? A traditional flat soled canvas pair of any color will be easy to slip in and out of. But, they won't go flopping about if your foot falls asleep when your flying-about up in earth's atmosphere.

On a more personal note, espadrilles in the most traditional sense are a fun DIY experiment, and the right size can be a thoughtful gift. Their lightweight and durable material makes them easy to embellish, dye, or even-dare I say? Embroider. There's nothing that says I love you, or happy birthday like a pair of hand monogrammed espadrilles.

Some Instagram fashion nods to people drilling-it right:



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