December, 28
by Mo Houston

Bored Of White Walls? Here Are Some Alternatives!

Picking the right color for your home can be quite challenging if you don't know what you're looking for. For those of us who aren't well versed when it comes to color, picking the wrong choice could lead to making your room look stale. Consequently, this will affect your mood, productivity, or even the quality of your sleep. One way to deal with this challenge would be to choose basic white paint as the main feature in your room. However, painting your entire space white might end up looking plain or too boring instead of refreshing!

Bored Of White Walls? Here Are Some Alternatives!

To help you pick the right shade for your walls, consider these five alternative colors that complement white rather than contrast with it!


If you want to feel like the room is tidy, cozy, and peaceful, you can opt for a nice shade of blue. Blue color won't tire your eyes because it doesn't stand out too much naturally. It also creates a balancing effect in the room when paired with neutral colors such as brown or creme. Blue hues are also perfect for bedrooms as they can create an environment that is calming in essence. Additionally, it’s interesting to note that blue is also a color that usually makes us think about colder weather. This instantly makes the room feel cooler and cozier.


Beige is an earth color that evokes happy and relaxing feelings. It stimulates a quiet calmness with a warm coziness that is graceful, bright, and golden. Beige resembles the feeling of the desert sand while also alluding to grasslands. Painting your walls beige will let you have a fresh feel that can easily blend with other colors in your home’s interior design. Beige is also a popular choice for home designs with minimalistic styles and nursery rooms. If you like to mix and match various shades of white, adding beige to your walls could provide an accent wall depending on what other colors you’ve picked out.


Grey is still one of the most fashionable colors you might want to choose as an alternative to white. It can work in either retro-themed rooms or modern ones, where it creates a calming effect by creating a peaceful and graceful impression. What makes it one of the best is that grey can be a great neutral that you can use as a background if you're trying to put bright-colored pieces of furniture into one room. If you are not sure which color will work with the look of your living area, grey may be your safest bet. Grey is an easy choice for rooms that can't commit to one specific tone or theme!


According to many sources, green is said to resemble natural colors. This astounding color can bring in a calming ambiance into the room without having to place one single indoor plant! Besides providing an organic and fresh impression in the room, green is also known to be a soft color that's appropriate for those who want to switch from neutral colors to something soothing for your eyes. Painting your walls a good shade of green can boost your creativity and let you feel comfortable in your space! 

Are you still looking for white paint alternatives and creative wall paint ideas? Why not start by picking out which color reflects your personality the most? Then, fill the room with refreshing wall art that will instantly liven up the mood and vibe in there. This trick has been proven to be a hundred percent effective. Always surround yourself with things that spark happiness and creativity at the same time. 


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