November, 03
by Mo Houston

Bokja Goods Collection Launch & Pop-up Cafe

The Bokja boutique in Beirut, Saifi Village launched its goods collection and pop-up cafe on March the 13th.

Bokja Goods Collection Launch & Pop-up Cafe

The launch was altogether original and compelling. Apart from the riveting melting pot crowd, there is a certain Lebanese tradition theme to this boutique as well as event, with the Lebanese traditional “Abu El Abed” chocolates and the Lebanese 961 beer offered and the old styled armchairs. 

The Bokja goods collection is comprised of amusing items, from dining chairs to aprons, correlating through its design modernity with the preoccupation of society with the acquisition of food and goods. Bokja donates a part of its revenues to Lebanese Food Bank so make sure to lend a helping hand while enjoying unique designs.


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