July, 11
by RT

Beginner Tips for Drone Pilots

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or a drone is a very innovative bit of technology that can provide endless hours of fun to a user.

Beginner Tips for Drone Pilots

Here are a few things that every beginner must know before getting a device. Operating this aircraft takes some practice at home before going into the public space as drones can become dangerous projectiles.

Become very proficient at take-offs and landings

The beating rotors create high and low-pressure areas. Therefore, ground effect may cause a drone to flip over, float or bounce along instead of taking- off or landing. The correction comes by using enough power and creating enough lift to overcome ground effect. 

Always be aware of wind direction and speed

You should always be aware of wind direction and speed as the devices are relatively light. A pilot’s ability to maneuver will be affected by a sudden gust and the last thing anyone needs is having their drone knocking into someone or falling on their property. 

Practice with a low-cost drone

The price tag of these devices can easily go north of $1000, but there are many drones for sale which costs under $50. Difficulty does not increase with price; it is better gain hours of practice and make amateur mistakes on a cheap drone rather than wreaking an expensive one.


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