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Beauty cost saving: Beauty & fashion money saving tips

I decided to round up money saving tips by industry experts and bring them to you in an article. I am focusing on the topics of beauty and fashion. Beauty can be much more costly than most of us imagine. A beauty junkie like me knows exactly how expensive manicures, pedicures, plastic surgery, weight loss, hair care, cosmetics, beauty products and general shopping can be. If not planned in a smart way, beauty can cut a deep hole in your financial pockets. Read on to discover some of the best beauty and fashion related money saving tips.

Beauty cost saving: Beauty & fashion money saving tips

1- Consider subscription boxes

If you're into beauty products but not into the high price tag many brands carry, consider a subscription. Birchbox, Ipsy and Sephora Play are $10 per month and each contain makeup and skincare samples so you can try before you buy. The best part is that these boxes occasionally contain full size items as well, increasing the value. There's perks too, such as Ipsy's points program and rewards, and Sephora's bonus points offer.
Beeju - Founder at BeejuBoxes.com [BeejuBoxes.com]

2- Shop end season sales
Shop end of season sales for the best deals. Many stores already have summer items marked 50% off, or MORE!
Suzanne Gracie - Founder at suzysaverwny.com [www.suzysaverwny.com]

3- Use rebate apps
Use rebate apps like Ibotta to get cash back on your purchases from stores like Sephora, The Body Shop, Ulta, and more. With rebate apps like Ibotta, you unlock offers on specific products or make a minimum purchase at a store, then upload a photo of your receipt for cash back that’s deposited into your PayPal account within 24 hours. Use these rebate apps with coupons and sales to save even more!

4- Get more out of your gel eyeliner
Heat a dried out gel eyeliner pot in the microwave for 10 seconds to get more use out of it. Try this trick before buying new gel eyeliner. To avoid overheating your eyeliner gel, check the consistency every 10 seconds while it’s in the microwave.

5- Get more out of dried mascara
Get more use out of dried mascara by soaking tubes in a cup of hot water. Stick tubes of old mascara into a cup of hot water, and the liquid will fall down the sides to the bottom where your brush is able to grab the liquid mascara.

6- Get more out of your old lipstick tubes
Transform old, almost-empty tubes of lipstick into a tinted lip balm. For nearly-empty tubes of lipstick, scrape out what’s left, add petroleum jelly, and heat in a microwave until melted. Stir the petroleum jelly and lip color until you get an even gloss, and pour into a small container. Set the gloss in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes and apply with a lip brush.
Kinsey Lindgren - Chief Operating Officer at The Krazy Coupon Lady [TheKrazyCouponLady.com]

Photo of beauty products: https://unsplash.com/search/beauty?photo=BkaD07QEiJc


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