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Adding Calories During Special Needs Diets

Most people find themselves deeply in need of nutrition when in poor health conditions. For example, a cancer or HIV patient will face issues with their health mainly due to having low appetite yet their bodies are in deep need of nutrition. To remedy this, there is the need to increase the number of calories in one's diet. In the most basic of ideas, that would mean eating more food. However, with lessened appetite, that is not easy.

Adding Calories During Special Needs Diets

The best solution lies in using meal replacement formulas which combine many different types of food to provide the needed amount of calories. This regime can be used by anyone needing to gain weight be it one from an operation, one suffering from a disease or a malnourished child.

Using Soup

Soup offers a great way of adding calories to the diet without any major issues. While food may be hard to take in by the body, soups are delicious means of getting the right calories into the body. A single packet of an average Meal Replacement soup has 250 calories. It is a small amount of soup that can be gulped up in a short time but very effective in adding calories to the body. It also tastes great which makes it a great choice. You can add the number of calories in this soup to as high as 600 by simply adding in fraud and some oil for the best results. You can then serve the soup the way it is or garnish with anything you want.


A smoothie is another one of the ways in which you can add calories to the body. To do this, one needs to use Meal Replacements to get as much as 700 calories in a single serving. You can add a little avocado or other fruit you need to have the right taste in your smoothie.

Breakfast Servings

There are many ways you can get your breakfast high in calories. One way to do so is to mix Meal Replacement in wheat flour to make a pancake. This way, you can enjoy a healthy breakfast every day. You can also do the same with frittatas, muffins and omelets. Adding the Meal Replacement recipe in your breakfast does not change the taste of the food in any significant way. You won't notice the difference.

Other Preparations

You can also use the many variants of Meal Replacement recipes in creating other meals. For example, the Mushroom Medley Soup can be used with burgers and other foods for a great meal. The other recipe to be used is the Meal Replacement Garden Vegetable which can also be combined with burgers or pasta to add calories to the body.

With these meals, the health condition that plagues an individual can be managed with considerable success. Giving the body sufficient nutrition is vital in helping it manage the stress from the disease. 


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