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7 Secrets Only Divorce Attorneys Know

No couple enters a marriage planning to divorce. However, divorce happens. Marriages don’t work out, and the couple agrees that it would be better for them to go their separate ways. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it sounds.

7 Secrets Only Divorce Attorneys Know

The dissolution of a marriage and the division of assets is an emotionally overwhelming time in one’s life. Plus, the amount of time and money can send stress levels through the roof. For example, a study claimed, “Largely because it has the third-highest divorce rate, Florida was recently ranked as one of the more stressed states in the country.”

To help alleviate some stress, here are seven secrets only divorce attorneys know:

1. It is a Lengthy Process

The amount of time divorce proceedings take varies from state to state. An uncontested divorce will take less time; however, some divorce proceedings take as many as 24 months. Some states take so much longer that divorce attorneys encourage their clients to move to neighboring states to receive a faster divorce.

2. It is a Costly Process

Divorces are expensive. For example, divorce attorneys know that the number you initially think you will spend will increase significantly after court fees, filing fees, and so forth. A divorce typically costs around $15,000 to $20,000. As Bruce Cameron explains, “Basically it costs as much to get unmarried as it does to get married.”

3. The Bigger Your Emotions, the More Money You Will Spend

If you do not give yourself time to cool off before filing for divorce, you are more likely to spend more money. When emotions are on the rise, it is more likely individuals will make emotional, rash decisions. Couples who can make amicable decisions spend much less money on their divorces. Financially, it is much more beneficial to reach an agreement with your spouse.

4. You May Even Have to Pay Your Spouse’s Attorney Fees

It surprises people to learn they may have to pay their spouse’s attorney fees. For instance, if the spouse is receiving financial help, this may be part of the agreement. Or, if the court believes it is unfair for one party to pay due to the situation.

5. You Can Perform Some Parts on Your Own

If you and your spouse are on amicable terms, it is possible for you to cut divorce costs by handling some parts on your own. However, “pro se” is only plausible if the divorce is uncontested. For example, you can draw up a separation agreement if you are knowledgeable about legal terminology.

6. Take Full Advantage of Free Consultations

Most divorce attorneys agree that it is a smart idea to take advantage of free consultations. you discuss your options with various lawyers, you will receive a broad range of advice and quotes. You will find that there are lawyers with experience with specific cases that may be more fitting for your circumstances. For example, if drug addiction is a factor, you might seek a lawyer familiar with Opioid lawsuits.

7. Choosing the Right Lawyer is Crucial

Finally, selecting the right person to work with you is essential. Do not just hire the divorce attorney you have heard is the best. And, do not fall into the trap of believing the most expensive lawyer is the best lawyer. Instead, hire the divorce attorney that you feel the most comfortable with that will handle this sensitive proceeding with honesty. 


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