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7 of the Quirkiest Museums in the US

Many people believe a road trip is not complete without visiting a tourist attraction, but too often, these tourist attractions begin to resemble one another. Rather than heading to the usual, you should plan to travel to some of the more unusual tourist destinations in the United States.

7 of the Quirkiest Museums in the US

Those who enjoy seeking out the odd and unusual will surely enjoy a trip to some of the quirkiest museums in America. With so many individuals with weird passions and hobbies, it should come as no surprise that these museums exist. Yet, many people miss out on the fun and adventure visiting these places provides.

So, what are you waiting for? Load up the RV and hit the road!

National Mustard Museum

When you pass a sign advertising the National Mustard Museum, how can you not stop? Located in Middleton, Wisconsin, the National Mustard Museum is home to mustard from all 50 states as well as mustards from various countries. This popular Wisconsin attraction has every type of mustard and gives tourists the opportunity to purchase mustard from vending machines.

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

If you want to see how far the world of medicine has come, take a trip to the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. This museum is home to medical tools from the 19th century as well as descriptions of how these tools were used.

Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum

Located outside San Antonia, Texas, a 93-year-old man has created the Toilet Seat Art Museum to display the various pieces of toilet seat he has made for his wife over the years. Yes, this is art on actual toilet seats. The sweet artist opens his garage (home of the museum) for the viewing public for free.

International UFO Museum

Roswell, New Mexico is notorious for their long-held beliefs regarding aliens and UFOs, so it makes perfect sense that the International UFO Museum is based here. This museum focuses on explaining the mystery of what was seen in Roswell in 1947. You might even leave a believer.

Idaho Potato Museum

When you visit Idaho, you should make the trek to Blackfoot to see the Idaho Potato Museum. As the name claims, this museum is dedicated to all things potato. Tourists will learn the history of potato farming here in the US, as well as see autographed potatoes by famous Americans.

The Neon Museum

Located in the bright-lit city of Las Vegas, Nevada, this is the place where the neon lights go to die (or where they go after they have died). Open day and night, guests can see the lights that once had a place on the Vegas Strip.

International Banana Museum

What’s a visit to California without a trip to the International Banana Museum in Mecca? Not a trip that is appealing. The entire collection is dedicated to bananas. Tourists will be able to view over 20000 items as well as have a treat at the tasty Banana Bar. 


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