March, 18
by RT

7 Fantastic Ideas for Your Next Girlfriend Getaway

What would we do without our girlfriends? They make our lives richer – even science tells us this is true. According to Nancy Deville, “Spending time with a BFF tamps down the ‘fight-or-flight’ stress hormones and helps a woman’s body create serotonin, which is the feel good brain neurotransmitter that keeps depression at bay and mood even.”

7 Fantastic Ideas for Your Next Girlfriend Getaway

Therefore, you need to make time with your girlfriends a priority. This year, make plans to go on a girlfriend getaway. No matter if you plan something near or far, lavish or thrifty, you will come back home feeling happier and more relaxed than before. To help you get started planning a fantastic girlfriend getaway, here are some of my favorite ideas:

1. Enjoy Some Retail Therapy

Plan your girlfriend getaway weekend around enjoying some retail therapy. If you can make it happen, travel to New York City or Beverly Hills and live it up! Not only will you be able to shop until your drop, you will be able to do some sight-seeing. No worries though – you can do some shopping wherever you end up staying.

2. Plan a Spa Weekend

A spa weekend with your girlfriends is the ultimate in luxury. With options all over the world, you can choose something perfect for your budget. The time you spend laughing and talking with your girlfriends will just make your spa time even more refreshing.

3. Go on an All-Inclusive Beach Trip

Looking for a getaway where you can let go of all your responsibilities? Head off to an all-inclusive beach resort where all you must do is put your toes in the sand. People will clean after you, cook for you, and give you all the drinks with cute little umbrellas you can handle.

4. Travel Somewhere New Together

Have you always wanted to travel something new? Take your girlfriends with you! For example, have you always wanted to visit London and learn the history of the royal family? Why not go with your girlfriends? You can fill up on history, food, afternoon tea, shopping, art, and even enjoy a Shoreditch Pub Crawl with cocktails galore.

5. Cruise the Seas

Leave your husbands and kids at home and enjoy the sea with your girlfriends on a cruise. You will get to go to multiple ports, eat delicious dishes, and enjoy shows without having to take care of anyone but yourself.

6. Party in Vegas

If you are looking for a wild time, then Vegas is the ultimate destination. Your girlfriends will have a ball as you gamble in the casinos, party at the clubs, and drink your worries away. For those looking for an epic weekend of revelry, this is where you must go.

7. Take a Wine Tour

Depending on your budget, you can take a wine tour that caters to you and your girlfriends. Whether you head to Italy, head to Napa Valley, or visit your local wineries, you are sure to have a wonderful time discovering new wines and spending time with your favorite ladies. 


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