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6 Ways to Feel Better After a Weekend Binge

Weekends make it especially easy to fall into bad habits. But, add in a weekend of revelry and your body is sure to feel the repercussions. First, do not beat yourself up for a weekend spent overindulging if it is only an occasional thing. While we certainly don’t recommend a Pub Crawl every weekend with your friends, the occasional night of hard partying can be forgiven.

6 Ways to Feel Better After a Weekend Binge

The morning after, however, may feel like a different story completely. If you have ever experienced the terrible consequences of a night of too much fun, then you know that hangovers are truly awful. This should be no surprise. According to the medical professionals at Everyday Health, alcohol leaves us dehydrated and messes with our stomachs among other things.

So, what should you do if you make the mistake of drinking too much? Here are 6 simple ways to feel better after a weekend binge.

1. Sleep Like It Is Your Job

Help your body recover from last night’s painful decisions by sleeping in. You need to sleep like it’s your job. If you stayed out partying, you most likely did not get the necessary eight hours of sleep your body (and mind) needs to function well. While you may think you sleep better when you are drunk, this is false. A night of partying leads to sleep deprivation and less REM sleep, which will make your hangover even worse.

2. Drink the Water

Alcohol leaves you feeling dehydrated because alcohol makes you dehydrated. You feel that way for a reason! Therefore, it is very important to up your fluid intake – and no, you should not consider more alcohol fluid. Instead, you should aim to drink multiple full glasses of water to help you recover.

3. Add in Some Lemon

To help speed up your recovery, add some lemon to your water. Lemon is a natural diuretic that will help you flush your system of toxins. Your liver will thank you! Plus, it works as a laxative helping you to get things moving along and out of your body.

4. Sip Some Ginger Tea

If your hangover is making you feel nauseated, make yourself a cup of ginger tea. Ginger tea works to ease your stomach. Plus, if you add honey, it tastes delicious and works to help your body get rid of all the remaining alcohol.

5. Eat Something Healthy

While some people wake up with a hangover and want to eat a greasy burger, this is the opposite of what you should do. Instead of filling your stomach with unhealthy food, you should eat lean proteins and healthy fats. Try eating eggs, meats, and beans instead.

6. Do Some Yoga

Finally, while you may not feel like exercising with a hangover, it is a wise choice to practice yoga. It just may be the thing you need to change your attitude and help you feel better. In addition, certain yoga positions can help your digestive track. In fact, the following article on Jen Reviews lists 14 yoga poses for relieving constipation.


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