September, 25
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5 Ways to Light up Your Kitchen with LEDs

Having an open kitchen space is very much similar to an artist having a blank canvas; the similarity lies in that both can either become a masterpiece or a disaster. A great property having LEDs installed is having the choice between strips, bulbs or entire lighting fixtures.

5 Ways to Light up Your Kitchen with LEDs

Creating a Splash of color


 A great property of LED is being able to easily and cheaply combine other elements to create virtually any pattern or video you would want. Your kitchen wall could act as another digital display where one minute it is a screensaver or in the next minute, it can be programmed into being a live streaming of the game or a favorite movie or video.


Upgrade the Furniture and Floor

Another great LED upgrade can come from having strips installed in the floor and controlled by a device or another color control box. In addition to the flooring, if you happen to have an ‘eat in’ kitchen the strips can also be incorporated into the shelves and other furniture.


Instead of only being able to dim or brighten bulbs, having the entire room being bathed in controllable LEDs, can be considered as the ultimate in mood lighting.


Conserve Electricity and Save Money

The science behind the LED technology is clear, due to great upgrades in energy efficiency; the LED can concentrate light better hence making it brighter even though LEDs use much less power.

Strips, Light Bulbs, and Fixtures

Having an easily integrated product can make or break the technology driving it. Many manufacturers have incorporated LEDs into their products, therefore if you are quite blasé with the strips, regular bulbs and other fixtures are readily available.            

Drawer Lighting

Sometimes, having a well-lit drawer can make a person’s life so much easier. Without needing to rewire the entire kitchen, LEDs can be installed with just a bit of two-way tape. These are really small magnetic contacts where the separation causes lighting and once the drawer is closed, the lights go off.

Place around or under Cupboards and Cabinets


On especially hot nights, having any sort of lighting overhead can be too much for some to handle. Cool down an already hot kitchen by having LEDs wrapped around the room or installed directly under the cabinetry. Another benefit to this idea is being able to change the mood of the room at the drop of a hat by simply adjusting the color being displayed.

Enjoy Washing Dishes

This idea works for any faucet really but in the kitchen, it is absolutely gorgeous. There are faucets with LED add-ons that can give a water lighting show based on the temperature, pressure, duration of water flow or at random. Before you get concerned, no this fixture does not plug into the wall or use batteries so there are no electrocution concerns. If there are small children in the house, use lights to indicate to the kids when the faucet has been running for too long and the lessons behind water conservation can ensue from there.



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