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5 Ways Technology Will Change The World By 2025

At the moment, some of the things we thought would happen a hundred years into the future are already with us. For example, we thought robots would be taking over our jobs far into the future but they are already doing so.

5 Ways Technology Will Change The World By 2025

One way is through the use of big data robots to  pick the right candidates (like does for instance) for jobs rather physical interviews. The five changes we expect by 2025 are as follows:

The Sun Will Be the Main Source of Power

Going green means using sources of power that don't deplete our beloved ozone layer. One source of green energy that has unlimited use and has the focus of every energy firm is the sun. Even before the year 2025, we will already have the sun being tapped to support our very livelihoods.

Everything Will be Online

Even your water heater! With tech firms such as Google and Apple bringing to life the Smart Home, we are sure that anything will be done from anywhere. Already, you can control your lights, your car, your fridge, your door locks and just about anything in your home half around the world away. As time goes by, it will be even easier and cheaper to carry out the same activities.

There Will be No More Hunger

While poverty will likely still show its ugly head here and there, every human being will likely have enough to eat and to keep themselves healthy. Research into food production has progressed so much that lots of cheap but healthy foods will be available. Also, putting roofs over the heads of most people will be easy with cheap but reliable building materials.

Most Notorious Diseases will Have Cures

At the moment, diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer and Type 1 diabetes have no cures of any type. As the times go by, more and more breakthroughs are being reported in these diseases. It is highly expected that their cures or at least better ways to manage such diseases would have been found by then.

Traveling will be purely electric

The age of the electric car is already here with us. With every vehicle manufacturer scrambling to churn out as many electric cars as possible, it is expected that by 2020 the electric car will be dominant over the combustion engine. Add five years to that and the machines running on electric engines will include planes and full manufacturing plants. It will be a harmonious future where we have these big fields black with solar panels, our very roofs made of solar panels. This power is then used to run everything from our cars, our planes to our cooling.

The future relies on technology that will even see us visit our closest solar system neighbors such as Mars. As (Elon) Musk often quips, we are destined to be interplanetary species. Having solved our food and energy crises, nothing stands in the way of humanity as far as the future goes.


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