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5 very important questions you have to ask before booking a cleaning service

With the busier than ever lives of both men and women in the Arab world and everywhere, hiring a cleaning service has nowadays become a necessity rather than a luxury. Having a well maintained and clean house allows you, in turn, to benefit from the gift of time.
However, it is often wise to ask cleaning services a few questions before choosing one in order to make sure that it's just right for you!

5 very important questions you have to ask before booking a cleaning service

1- How do you set your rates?

Many cleaning services set their rates by the hour, but their charges might also depend on the number of employees sent, the type of project and so on. Ask for an estimate from the cleaning service as well as number of hours needed, in order to have a clear picture of the total charges.


2- Are you insured?

It is often wise to go for a cleaning service that has insurance in case something in your home gets broken, stolen or damaged. Having a cleaning service with insurance will put you more at ease and make you feel secure with their service.


3- Do you provide the equipment and cleaning supplies?

Certain companies send cleaning supplied with their employees while others simply send an employee to use your own supplies. This is a very important question to ask before hiring a cleaning service, so as for you to be prepared.


4- How will you typically gain access to my home?

Different cleaning services are used to different ways of accessing people's homes, from using a key under the mat to picking up a key from the building concierge, ask the company their preference as this may give you an idea about the company or individual's safety procedures and ethics.


5- What services are included?

The services that a cleaning service will provide can largely affect the cost of the total visit. If you prefer to do the basic chores and leave the cleaning service to only handle the heavy cleaning, make sure to let them know in advance.


Finally, there are a lot of factors that can affect your decision to hire a cleaning service, from how they set their rates, to the services they provide, to their safety terms and so on. The aforementioned questions will give you a general idea about what to expect from a cleaning service.

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