January, 31
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5 Unbelievable Facts About Water Soluble CBD

Everyone is getting in on the CBD health craze. With dozens of wide-ranging health benefits, why wouldn't you? Consuming this oil is a great way to naturally ease anxiety, pain, depression, seizures, and convulsions.

Did you know though when you consume that oil-soluble CBD, you're only getting a small percentage of its full effects? If you've wondered why you can't walk into a CBD café and order an anxiety-reducing coffee drink, here's why: CBD is not usually water-soluble.

5 Unbelievable Facts About Water Soluble CBD

This is why you see it so often in oil-based products like creams and vapes. The problem with these oil-based consumption methods is that there is only so much bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to how much of the CBD is available to be absorbed by the body.

With new water-soluble properties, many of the inconveniences of oil-soluble CBD are resolved. Below is a compelling lineup of exciting facts you may not have known about this new wonder-substance.

1. Water-Soluble CBD Has an Impressive Absorption Rate

The amount of CBD you feel in your system has everything to do with bioavailability. This word refers to how much of the substance is available to be absorbed into your system. This correlates with the absorption rate. Higher bioavailability means you will feel the effects of the drug stronger and sooner. It means a higher absorption rate.

Oil-soluble CBD can't be taken orally. Oral consumption though gives you the best bioavailability. The water-soluble version provides the solution to this problem. You can consume it orally, unlike the oil-based substance.

2. It Makes CBD Coffee Possible

Before water-soluble products, you could only find limited methods of consuming CBD. The ways with the highest absorption rate include vaping and inhaling, which can be detrimental to the lungs. Those who opt to not vape used salves and creams which have low absorption rates. They require heavy usage to reap any of the benefits.

Some don't want to vape. These new water-soluble properties mean that there are dozens of ways to get all the nourishing health properties of CBD without vaping. These include:

  • Coffee Products

  • Smoothies

  • Teas

  • Sauces

  • Soups

Say goodbye to unhealthy vapes and ineffective salves with new water-soluble CBD products.  The Evolution CBD water-soluble products for sale can be found online for the best price! Alternatively, you could also check with local shops to see if they have it in stock.

3. It's Made By Using Nanotechnology

The water-soluble manufacturing process is one that has excited the scientific world. This new substance is created through the use of nanotechnology. CBD particles are much larger than the size our body can absorb. This is why roughly 90% of the substance goes unused when consumed. Nanotechnology works to change this.

Nanotechnology breaks down these large particles into a size that can be absorbed. This means the absorption rate is increased, and you are likely to feel stronger effects much faster than with oil-soluble CBD.

4. It Can Treat Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, and Multiple Sclerosis

CBD isn't just an anti-anxiety treatment. It is known for its properties that ease symptoms of other conditions like epilepsy.


Fibromyalgia is a condition known for pain and discomfort. There is no known cure to erase the illness completely, but there are many ways to ease painful symptoms. One such method is water-soluble CBD.

Doses of the substance have shown a decline in the intensity of pain and discomfort in patients. It also eases stiffness and aids relaxation.


For epilepsy, consuming a dose of water-soluble CBD can ease the effects of convulsions and seizures. There are only minor side effects that are occasionally present in usage.

Multiple Sclerosis

Water-soluble CBD can make a world of difference for those suffering from MS. This intense and incurable condition can cause symptoms ranging from physical to mental. Mood swings and anxiety are common mental symptoms. On the physical side, individuals with MS are known to experience spasms and pain. Taking the drug in an effective, water-soluble dose leads to diminished symptoms of MS. 

5. It is Slated to Transform the Industry by Transforming Consumption

With a change in the types of CBD products you can consume, the industry is changing as well. CBD stores aren't just for edibles and vapes anymore. You can purchase coffee, health drinks, and even foods.

Get ready for the change to come. Even in the last few years, health stores and other CBD retailers have begun to offer this exciting treatment on a more widespread scale. The accessibility of this life-saving substance is improving each year, and the new water-soluble developments will only deepen this public interest in CBD.

The Bottom Line

Those suffering from pain or illness all across the globe are seeing the natural health properties of water-soluble CBD for sale. This new water-soluble version of the drug means that it is easier than ever to seek out its properties for yourself. No longer do you need to vape or rub on creams in high doses to feel the benefits. Now you can drink it or eat it easily on your terms.


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