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by Mo Houston

5 things that men don't notice about women

Surprisingly, there are several things that us women spend time, effort and money on, that men never really seem to notice. Yet, we continue to spend our efforts on these things. What are they, and do men really not notice?

5 things that men don't notice about women


Rarely have I ever heard or heard of a man talking about a woman's nails. We spend a lot of time and money on nails, right? Nails have to be kept in shape every week if not more often. Do men really not notice women's nails? Let's face it, chipped nails and badly manicured nails are tacky, and hence, make the woman wearing them look somewhat tacky. Men might actually notice when the color is too bright or too awkward! I do believe that men who have certain standards - although might not notice the nails in specific - can usually tell that there is something not up to standard.


Except to detect the marriage status of a woman, men probably don't really pay attention to jewelry as well. Unless a woman is wearing too much jewelry that she is in danger of falling down from heavyweight, men will rarely notice what kind or how much jewelry a woman is wearing. 


Most guys will only notice your makeup when you are wearing too much of it, which - for most men - will lead to the undesired "why are you wearing so much makeup" or "can you please stop wearing makeup". On the other hand, when you do your natural makeup and feel fresh, or when you take your time to apply that eyeliner in an extremely precise manner, men don't seem to notice.


As long as a guy is into you, and unless you are dressed for a circus, men will rarely remember or notice what you had on. But how - you ask me - can men NOT notice? And why do women dress up if it's not going to make a difference anyway? The answer is this: It DOES make a difference. And although the man might not notice what you are wearing in specific or remember it later, he will know one thing, whether you looked good or not!


You keep hearing men say that they're not into women who do surgery. But what I've noticed is that most men can't actually tell when a woman has had minor surgery done. As long as it's not too obvious and makes you look better, men won't even realize it! And why is it that women with bigger boobs attract more men anyways?

My conclusion is that it is actually impossible for men not to notice all of these details. They might not pay attention to them, but they notice them without realizing it. After all, why are some women considered classier than other women even though they shop at the same store? Us women notice these details of course. And hey, some men do realize these things. I do know some men who actually notice when the woman's nails are shipped or need to be updated. The reality is that men will notice the overall look, and unconsciously the details, they will care about the final product which is your overall look. So don't you stop prepping those nails and flaunting that jewelry!

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