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5 Best Street Food Eateries in Glasgow

“There is no sincerer love than the love for food” It has been rightly said by George Bernard Shaw. Therefore, today, we’re taking you to Scotland’s popular city Glasgow that will increase your love for food for sure.

5 Best Street Food Eateries in Glasgow

There are many budget travel destinations around the world, where you can enjoy lip-smacking street food and Glasgow happens to be one of those. The place is globally renowned for its classy street food restaurants where food lovers can gorge themselves in all sorts of scrumptious delicacies from vegetarian to non-vegetarian as well as snacks and beverages. The Glasgow has numerous popular eateries that tourists love to add to their travel bucket list. So let’s know about them from close.

Glasgow Street Food


Babu Bombay Street Kitchen - Babu Bombay Street Kitchen - It is a popular urban, cafe-style restaurant on the Regent Street in Glasgow that has earned the reputation for offering delicious Indian street food. Started as a stall at farmers markets and festivals, Babu Bombay is today a well-known name for serving a large variety of Indian foods in Glasgow that range from pav bhaji, keema pav, to tikka masala. So, whenever, you feel you need to try an authentic Indian food, come to this place without second thoughts and you won’t be disappointed.

Buddy’s - The paradise for burger lovers, Buddy’s is a small takeaway food outlet on the South side of Glasgow, which is popular for its BBQ style street food, especially burgers. In few years of beginning, Buddy’s has built its amazing reputation among localities and gradually expanding its business all around the Glasgow. Along with burgers, pork ribs is another popular item every meat lover should try here. Most of the food items are served here with sweet and spicy barbecue sauce.

Bar Soba - In contradiction with other bars in Glasgow, Bar Soba is more focused on food items than serving cocktails. The bar is popular for Asian food that includes street foods from Japan to Indonesia. Sate Ayam is one of their popular dishes which is a char-grilled chicken served with peanut sauce.

Cafe Strange Brew - If you’re looking for a casual dining in Glasgow with your friends or family, then this place should be on the top on your list. Located in Pollokshaws road on the Southern side of Glasgow, Cafe Strange Brew is a hidden gem for food lovers. According to the localites, this cafe serves the best breakfast in town, especially for the Turkish egg omelet. The cafe is a small outlet which remains busy most of the time. Therefore, it is better to order food here as go-to. Caramelized pecan French toast is their most popular food item that every visitor in city must try.

Martha’s - People who think street foods are not healthy should definitely head to this amazing restaurant, located in Vincent Street. The best part of the restaurant is they describe calorie content next to each food items on the menu.

Glasgow is food-lovers haven. However, it is crucial to eat only from reputable and busy restaurants and vendors, especially when you’re not habitual to eating outside. Make sure you’re eating fresh street food otherwise it can upset your stomach and you will end with spending your tour hours in RV Toilet of your vehicle.



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