August, 09
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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Use AI

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a common tool for many businesses for various applications. Many big companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Skype, Intel, and Tesla have been paving the path in the field of artificial intelligence, but the AI and machine learning technologies are not exclusive to big businesses.

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Use AI

There are many benefits that AI can provide, and these benefits can be enjoyed even by small businesses. Here are just a few ways small businesses can use AI:

Automate repetitive tasks

Many solutions are available nowadays, that can perform repetitive tasks. Although these RPA tools are designed to handle high-volume data and tasks, small businesses can also take advantage of this automation tool.

Improve marketing strategy

AI-powered platforms can be used to manage and launch marketing campaigns that would have been too expensive for small businesses if done using conventional marketing methods without AI. With these AI marketing tools, small businesses can launch marketing campaigns across multiple channels, perform advertising analysis, and determine the best marketing strategy.

Collect and analyze business-related data

One of the biggest and most common applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning is in data collection and analysis. This is one aspect that can be overlooked by small businesses but having the ability to collect data and analyze it can provide small businesses with important insights on customer behavior, business opportunities, productivity, workflow efficiencies, and many more.

Improve customer engagement

The ability to collect and analyze data can provide small businesses with insights on their customers’ needs, how to improve customer experience, and how to better engage their customers. These allow small businesses to provide a more personalized customer experience. One AI-based solution in the aspect of customer service is the use of bots as their front-line customer service.

The use of AI and machine learning is spreading and becoming more prevalent. For small businesses, there are lots of benefits to be enjoyed by taking the leap and using AI-powered solutions. With the speed at which these technologies are developing, more applications are in the near future whether you have a small business or a big enterprise.


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