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3 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Kitchen & the Best Sinks for Small Kitchens

Having an outdoor kitchen is a dream for many. The thought of holding outdoor parties with you flipping those delicious smelling baby back ribs with ice-cold margaritas on the side, that my friend is the life.

3 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Kitchen & the Best Sinks for Small Kitchens

But before you daydream about the parties you will hold, focus first on the planning of your amazing outdoor kitchen.

1. Have a plan

What do you want your outdoor kitchen to look like? How much budget do you have for this project? If you want your dream kitchen, then snap back to reality first and focus on the details.

2. Pick out your materials

Once you have a clear picture of what you want, along with your workable budget, it’s time to pick out the appliances and materials. Always consider the durability of your appliances. For example, apron front farmhouse-style sinks are the best for outdoor kitchens. Choose a counter also that will endure the changing weather.

3. Maximize your area

You want to make full use of every space available to you. So when creating a layout, talk to your architect so that a small area can appear big and spacious. Remember, you need a big space for you and your friends.

Below, we are going to take a look at what we found to be the 3 Best Sinks for Small Kitchens, which mainly apply for indoor kitchens but some of which can also apply for outdoor kitchens. Since it doesn’t matter whether your house is as big as a mansion or as cute as a 2-bedroom house, you can always style your home to make it look big, by making good use of the space available and by using smaller furniture. Below, we list the best sinks for those cute and not so spacious kitchens.

  • Undermount sinks for the win

If you have a tiny kitchen where every inch counts, it is better to go for an under-mount sink. Although it will cost a little bit more than an overmount, the good news is it gives a sleek and clean look to your kitchen. Also, it doesn’t have small cracks and crevices where dirt and stray food can accumulate.

  • Copper sinks for a modern and elegant look

Copper kitchen sinks are handmade by creative craftsmen who give these sinks their interesting and unique designs. These smooth and hammered copper sinks give off that modern and elegant vibe that will surely make the space of the kitchen unnoticeable.

  • Go for single-bowl sinks

By choosing a single-bowl sink rather than a double one gives your kitchen more space for other appliances. Don’t worry as there are lots of designs to choose from for those single-bowl sinks.


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