April, 29
by RT

3 Reasons Why Themed Pub Crawls Are Awesome

Pub crawls are always a blast, but pub crawls are even better when you add a theme. If you have never been on a themed pub crawl, you need to make plans to attend one as soon as possible. While there are several themed pub crawls to choose from, you can always create your own theme and just pick your favorite Shoreditch Pub Crawl and make it happen.

3 Reasons Why Themed Pub Crawls Are Awesome

No matter if you attend a planned themed pub crawl or create your own, we can all agree these pub crawls are awesome.

Get to Embrace the Things You Love

One of the reasons everyone loves a good themed pub crawl is because people get to embrace the things they love. This is the time when you can proudly announce to the world that you are a mega fan – and no one will think anything of it! Are you crazy about Harry Potter? If so, head to a Harry Potter themed pub crawl. Do you love Pokemon Go? There’s a pub crawl for you to catch ‘em all.

A Fun Way to Celebrate the Holidays

Themed pub crawls make holiday festivities even more fun. Imagine celebrating Christmas with dozens of Santa Claus clad friends venturing from one pub to the next. Easily find your fellow St. Patrick’s Day revelers by wearing green and crawling from bar to bar.

Make Friends with People as Crazy as You

Finally, you are guaranteed to make friends with people like you on a themed pub crawl. If you attend a pub crawl because the theme is something you love, then you should expect to find others with the same degree of passion on the crawl with you. Plus, it just seems easier to make friends when you are drinking heavily and wearing a costume.


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