May, 22
by RT

3 Reasons to Study Spanish in Peru

Are you considering studying abroad? Has the idea of traveling to Peru crossed your mind? If so, you should consider it.

3 Reasons to Study Spanish in Peru

Peru is not only a beautiful country, but it is also a welcoming place for tourists. You will feel at home, and you will be treated with kindness.

Peruvians take great pride in their country, so you will find plenty of individuals willing to help you learn the language, as well as several foreign language schools where you can choose to study. Whether or not you enroll in a traditional language school, one thing is certain: you will need to know some Spanish to communicate with those around you.

The Pace Of The Language

Since everyone speaks Spanish, it makes Peru the perfect place to become proficient in the language. You will want to learn the language quickly so you can speak to the locals. Furthermore, the Spanish spoken in Peru is spoken at a slower pace making it easier to understand than in other countries. Plus, Peruvians do not use much slang making it understandable everywhere.

The Cultural Experience

Peru is bursting with culture. For instance, a visit to the capital, Lima, is a must-see. You will be surrounded by beautiful architecture and bright colors while you walk through the city streets. Plus, the Peruvian food and the local markets offer a culinary experience like no other.

3. The Sights

Peru is packed with amazing history. A visit to Lima only solidifies its place in history as the City of Kings. It is always a good idea to book tours in Lima so you can not only see the sights but also learn why they are significant. Finally, Peru is home to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, and the Maras salt pools where the highly sought after pink Peruvian salt is harvested.


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