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3 Dangers of Instagram Automation – and How to Overcome Them

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms with around 1 billion monthly active users, provides the average person a way to stand out in a world dominated by people who love to share their daily lives, travel adventures, business ideas, and inspirational lessons. The more your Instagram profile reaches followers, the more your influence grows.

3 Dangers of Instagram Automation – and How to Overcome Them

Growing your reach requires gaining as many followers as you can. This often involves more than just regular posts. You will need to be more engaged by following other users, liking posts, leaving comments on posts, and using relevant hashtags. Unfortunately, being an Instagram social butterfly requires a lot of time and effort.

Just like everything else online, people find ways to do things easier and faster. Hence, the birth of Instagram automation.

What is Instagram Automation?

An Instagram automation tool provides you with a way to increase your Instagram followers at a rapid pace. How does it work? These tools help you reach other accounts by deploying a robot to follow profiles for you, like photos, and leave comments on other people’s posts.
Using one will help you save a lot of time usually spent when trying to grow an Instagram account. Building up your profile on Instagram can be time-consuming and it can take a long time before you see significant progress. Instagram automation tools take the hard work away from you.

What are the Dangers of Instagram Automation?

Great rewards always come with great risks. The idea of using an Instagram bot on your account may seem very attractive, but it’s important to know that it comes with risks as well. Before you go and use one, here are the dangers you’ll need to watch out for and how you can overcome them.

1. Catching the Attention of the Instagram Police

Hiring a robot to get more followers can catch the attention of the brilliant people behind Instagram. Any Instagram user knows that following other people’s accounts will result in more followers as well because many of them will follow back. This is a simple process that can help you expand your reach on Instagram, but it can be tedious and time-consuming. An Instagram automation tool can help add about five profiles per minute to your followers.
When you do the math, Instagram bots can follow about 7,200 active accounts per day, which is an impossible task for a human. This action is against the social media’s Terms of Use and may put your profile at risk of being shut down. What’s worse than an Instagram account with few followers? It is a permanently-banned Instagram account.

How to Overcome It: Interacting With Auto-Followed Profiles

Limiting your robot to follow less than 50 accounts per day may be a start, but it is also essential for you to check on some of the profiles you auto-followed. You may get inspired by some of the profiles or you may also end up discovering an exciting person that posts almost the same content as you. If you happen to find accounts that you do not care about, you may hit the unfollow button as you please. Interacting with the profiles will help prevent the Instagram police from putting your profile on hold, but it will also give your account a piece of reality.

2. Getting Exposed as a Fake

You can program your Instagram bot to leave comments on other people’s photos or videos. While it is a great way to communicate with bloggers all over the world, leaving auto-comments on stranger’s accounts may feel a bit out of place. Imagine when people you barely know leave comments like “OMG! I love it” on a photo of you doing your favorite yoga pose. Auto-commenting can prove to be disastrous to your profile’s reputation as much as it can be beneficial.

How to Overcome It: Genuine Engagement

Programming the automation tool to leave comments on photos based on your preference is a smart strategy, especially when you are trying to find like-minded customers or fellow IG users. When the bots do their work by leaving auto-comments, you may take over from there and keep your interactions with other Instagram users authentic. Engagement is one of the essential factors in building your brand in social media, which is why you must come out as a genuine person despite enlisting the help of automation tools.

3. Entering Instagram’s Dangerous Waters

Auto-linking photos is an essential service provided by Instagram automation tools. You may program your robot to follow criteria under specific hashtags like #OOTD or #Travel that fits your content. However, the disadvantage of this activity puts you at risk of going into Instagram’s deepest waters full of graphic content. Unsupervised likes on unwanted photos may hurt your credibility as an Instagrammer and discredit the connections you worked on building using Instagram automation.

How to Overcome It: Restrict Engagement with Proper Filters

Setting your Instagram robot to auto-like photos on filters and proper criteria will help you avoid graphic content. If some images manage to slip past your automation tool’s security system, you may easily browse your liked posts and filter through the photos that are not for the eyes of your followers. Likes without supervision have the potential to damage your brand, which is why it is essential for you to focus your attention on how to apply filters on your auto-likes properly.

Make it Work For You

Automation offers a shortcut to gain more followers. Despite the disadvantages presented, you cannot deny that your account will likely grow at a rapid pace when you use an Instagram automation tool. The robots act as your marketing and PR team by engaging with other users and building relationships that may turn into something else such as collaborations and partnerships. Instagram automation opens a lot of doors for you, making it worth the risk.

Instagram helps broaden your reach and influence over people and automation makes the process faster. Despite the risks that come with these Instagram automation tools, you will likely begin to see that robots are efficient and effective ways to share your content with the world.


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