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3 Amazon Features You Need to Use

If you are into online shopping, chances are that you have already purchased from Amazon. This is not surprising considering that Amazon's E-commerce market share in the US is already at 49.1% as of December 2018.

3 Amazon Features You Need to Use

As of today, Amazon has more than 300 million active users.

If you are one of those active users, you are probably already familiar with Amazon’s popular features. However, there might still be some things about the site that you have not discovered yet.

Here are a few Amazon features you need to learn about.

Amazon Teen

54.7% of shoppers have a family that consists of more than one person in the household. Chances are, they have kids and teenagers who also want to do some shopping.

You might hesitate in giving your teenagers the freedom to shop online on their own. Some of them just might not understand the responsibility that comes along with it. However, you do not need to worry about them going on an endless shopping spree with your credit card on Amazon Teen.

This feature enables you to give your teenagers that freedom without completely eliminating your control. Amazon Teen gives both you and your teens your own login details. This allows them to shop and pay with your card. There is even a new Teen Shop where they can explore curated products that are currently popular with fellow teenagers.  However, you still have control because you can choose what card they can use, how much they can spend, and where the products can be shipped. Plus, it enables you to review all the details of their orders and approve or decline their purchases via text or email. It is a win-win for both parents and teens.

Amazon Trade-In

Got a product that you do not like or use? Why not trade it in for something else?

Amazon accepts trade-ins via their Trade-in program that allows you to receive an Amazon gift card in exchange for eligible items. These items can be Amazon devices, books, electronics, video games, and more. They can also be purchased elsewhere. However, they must match the exact version that is displayed on the site's product page. If it is not on the Trade-In store, it is not eligible.

They must also fulfill the criteria of eligibility. The criteria vary depending on whether the product is an accessory, console, or game. Just send in your item and have it appraised to find out if it will be accepted or not. The process takes 2 business days unless the product qualifies for Instant Payment, wherein you will receive the Amazon gift card as soon as you initiate the trade-in.

Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee

Did something go wrong with your purchase from an Amazon-third party seller? No need to worry because the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee allows you to request a refund for your purchase up to 90 days after the maximum estimated delivery date. This covers both the condition and the timely delivery of the items but does not include payments for services, digital items or stored value instruments. 

All you need to do is to report the problem to Amazon so that they can check if you are eligible for a refund. This is applicable to purchases made on the Amazon.com website only. You may also be required to contact the seller first and wait for a response for 48 hours before you can be eligible to request a refund.

You can maximize your Amazon shopping experience by utilizing these features. Call the Amazon customer service number for more information on these services and other features.


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