March, 27
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11 Things Newcomers Will Learn Living in Charlotte Right Away

With approximately 109 people moving to Charlotte every day, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular places for people to settle down. And, it is easy to see why! Charlotte is an awesome place to live. It is a big city set in the South with excellent schools, friendly people, a booming job market, and tons of options for entertainment.

11 Things Newcomers Will Learn Living in Charlotte Right Away

But, for those of you moving to Charlotte from other parts of the US – especially the Northern states – you may be in for a bit of culture shock. If you learn the following cultural tidbits about Charlotte early, you will fit in just fine.

1. Flip flops are the official shoes of the South

If you do not own flip flops, you need to go ahead and stock up on them now. Southerners wear flip flops all year long – or at least until there is snow on the ground. While you may think they are too casual for business, they are the preferred shoe of choice for all the locals.

2. Very few people who live in Charlotte are from Charlotte

Charlotte is a city of transplants. In fact, Charlotte is the fastest growing city in the country. Therefore, you should just assume your neighbors relocated to Charlotte too. But, trust me, you will know a local when you meet one. They take immense pride in letting you know they are from Charlotte.

3. It’s called the Queen City for a reason

Charlotte is nicknamed “The Queen City” after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Along with its regent nickname, you will come to learn that there are several Queen roads.

4. You better cheer on the Carolina Panthers

The NFL Carolina Panthers play at the Bank of America stadium in Charlotte. This fan favorite team has made its appearance in the Super Bowl.

5. And pick a college team to root for

But, the locals are also huge fans of college sports. Do not plan to spend your time just watching the NFL or the NBA. College basketball is a major event around Charlotte with bars and restaurants (as well as the sporting arenas) packed when rivalry games are played.

6. Sweet tea is the beverage of choice

If you do not drink sweet tea, you better start today. It is the beverage of choice for lunch and dinner. Should you ask for unsweet tea out with colleagues, you will stand out.

7. Moonshine does exist and is sold here

Think moonshine is just a thing from the past and country songs? Wrong. Moonshine is made and sold in the Carolinas.

8. Yes, they really do talk like that

“Y’all” and “Bless your heart” are commonly heard in these parts. It’s best if you go ahead and learn to use them appropriately or else you might not realize when you have been the target of “bless your heart” ridicule.

9. You don’t have to be a beach person or a mountain person

Charlotte is a short driving distance from the beach and the mountains, so you don’t have to choose between the two. Most locals go to the mountains and the beach each year.

10. The locals love going motorboating

When they don’t take road trips to the beach or the mountains, they head out to one of the nearby lakes to go motorboating.

11. Nascar reigns

If you do not think people watch people race cars around a circular track at high rates of speed, you are in for a rude awakening. Nascar is a major sporting event in Charlotte.


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