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by RT

10 Sales Techniques That Rarely Fail

The salesperson's role has changed throughout the years. Once upon a time, a salesperson could undoubtedly tell you everything and anything about an item without being scrutinized. Today's shoppers, however, aren't exactly as naive. The present day customer can get access to endless information about your product or service, your industry, your qualities and your product or service's disadvantages within a few minutes, which means that you may need to get somewhat more creative when making your sales move.

10 Sales Techniques That Rarely Fail

Whether you're selling a product or a service, there are a few techniques that I've found to almost always work when it comes to closing a sale or managing a sales relationship. Continue reading below to figure out what they are.

1- Be Helpful
One of the most important things to remember when attempting to make a sale is to make the potential client feel at ease. Don't offer them something without setting it up for them first, especially if the set up is hard.

2- Add Value
Let's assume you're sending out cold sale emails. If there's no added value in your proposition, chances are that you're probably not going to get a response back. Offer a guest post, a giveaway, a free trial or a sample - depending on your type of business and on the product or service you're selling - if you want to grab the reader's attention.

3- Offer A Bonus
You should always offer to walk the extra mile when it comes to selling, whether it's revising your product offering or your prices, offering a gift along with the sale or simply providing something else for free.

4- Give Free Samples
Continuing on what we talked about above, giving away something for free always gets potential clients' attention.

5- Don't Over promise
Under-promising and over-delivering is always better than over-promising and dissapointing a client. If you want to have good reviews after the sale is done, than you should never higher a client's expectations about the product or services.

6- Personalize
People buy from people! Each of us has a favourite spot that we love to return to. A small bistro where everybody knows our name or a hairdresser that knows us and knows how to trim our hair just the way we like it. We realize that the bistro will never get a Micheline rating and our hairdresser won't be getting on the cover of Vogue anytime soon, yet we continue going back to these places because the people who work there simply feel right.

7- Earn their trust
The most basic approach to gaining your client's trust is to understand and voice out your organization's advantages and disadvantages in an honest manner. The sooner you can point out the awesome features that make your business great, and the weaker qualites that you're still working on improving, the simpler it will be to nail that deal.

8- Have A Return Policy
Having a return policy is important, because sometimes, the client just isn't satisfied with the product or service. Unless you don't care about the company's reputation or about your own reputation, you should be able to give refunds in certain cases.

9- Build Rapport
I've worked as an influencer outreach manager for several years and what I found to work sometimes is building a rapport with potential clients.

10- Build A Longterm Relationship
It always makes more sense to build a longterm relationship with a client so that you can get repeat sales from that client. Do not burn bridges and keep a positive attitude always, even after the sale.

Finally, some people learn to master these skills with time, and some people are "born" with them. Yet still, certain people struggle with sales in the case of which it is usually considered wise to get a life coach or more specifically a career coach or sales coach to help out with sales strategies.
So how do you help your customer? Instead of merely telling your clients how you can accomplish their goals, help them comprehend their problem better so that they'll come to you for the solution.


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